Emmanuella Grace is a coach, speaker and facilitator in the mental, physical and creative skills to speak up and communicate with clarity, confidence and poise. Her training and experience uniquely encompasses the fields of professional musicianship, psychology and education. 

Emmanuella’s qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (University of New England), Masters in Music Performance Teaching (University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), Honors Bachelor of Music (Kingston University, London) and Undergraduate studies in Jazz and Music Theatre (Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music). Emmanuella’s understanding of vocal health and physiology is supported by advanced training in Alexander Technique and Estill Voice Training Level I, II and Advanced Certificate as well as previously serving on the board of the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare (ASPAH).

Emmanuella has performed both as a soloist and in choirs at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Hamer Hall and for ABC Radio in Australia and Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican and BBC Radio in the UK. As a composer her music has been featured in film and advertising, was short-listed for an award at the ÉCU European Independent Film Festival in Paris and was featured at the Theresianisten Ball in Vienna.

Emmanuella is the founder of Find Your Voice, a training and professional development organisation dedicated to training people from all walks of life to master their voice and give strong performances. With decades of performance and coaching experience in Australia, the UK, Europe and the USA Emmanuella Grace has helped 1000’s of people to find their voice.



Emmanuella Grace is uniquely qualified to assist her clients to overcome the physiological, psychological and creative barriers to expressing themselves with poise and clarity.