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Emmanuella has supported 1000’s of people worldwide in finding their voices and to perform at their best. She has been engaged as a coach and consultant with a host of clients from all walks of life including TEDX Talks to the fields of banking and investing, real estate, media and the arts.

Elite performers in all disciplines, from music and sport to business, understand that their performance can be enhanced by creating a trusted partnership with an objective, qualified and informed person who will help them to explore how their performance might be taken to a new level.

In addition to working with her clients to hone already established skill sets, changes and experiences in life or work environments can affect confidence in our ability to perform. Emmanuella takes a therapeutic approach strongly influenced by positive psychology to help people move past these experiences to perform at their best, every time. 

What is coaching?

Coach and Coachee work together to finesse Coachee's vocal abilities and prepare them mentally and physically for performances and events.

A series of conversations and exercises designed to enhance the Coachees well being or performance, clarify goals and develop a long and short term strategy for achieving them.

A process where both Coach and Coachee engage willingly with clear expectations and agreements on how the process will work.

A relationship, or partnership, that allows a safe environment where anything to be asked, said or considered to assist in bettering the Coachees performance.

Performance coaching can be described as a series of guided conversations that enable the "Coachee" to discover and implement personal solutions to challenging issues or areas of performance. These solutions, because they are intrinsic to the "Coachee," are more likely to succeed and endure than solutions imposed externally.


Coaching is:

  • Listening in a profound way
  • Asking questions that cause new thinking and possible actions
  • Hearing limitations in the other person's speaking
  • A place where people can think out loud
  • Getting the most value and learning from an experience
  • Acknowledging people for who they are and what they produce
  • Generating possibility and keeping it alive
  • A way of allowing people to change how they are relating to something
  • A place to vent, experiment and play with ideas
  • Confidential
  • A supportive relationship
  • A structure for making things happen

Coaching is not:

  • Giving advice, being the expert or having the answers
  • Counseling
  • Fixing people
  • Doing it for them
  • Policing or getting people to work harder
  • A close, personal relationship
  • A replacement for supervision or management

What is voice and performance coaching?